Sometimes Humor Brings the Point Across

Flood Insurance Cartoon - Bill Raup #2

Local Artist Bill Raup  posted these two cartoons in his building on Broadway regarding the

Flood Insurance Cartoon

plight of many property owners in Milton and surrounding river towns with regard to Flood Insurance.  Maybe humor will get the attention of our legislators!

Please take the time to communicate your concerns to your legislators.  It’s the only way things are going to change for many river town communities as well as other areas subject to flooding.

New Phone Dialing Procedures Effective Sept. 21st

If you have not heard yet, there will be new dialing procedures for people living in the 570 area code.

Effective September 21, 2013, callers in the 570 area code will need to dial all 10 digits of the phone number, even for “local” 570 area calls.

The new way of dialing is necessary to prepare the region’s telephone customers for mandatory 10-digit dialing, starting in September.  The change paves the way for the October introduction of northeastern Pennsylvania’s newest area code – 272.  Called an “overlay,” the new code will serve the same geographic boundary as the current 570 area code.  The overlay will eliminate the need to split the existing area code into smaller areas.

“An overlay minimizes disruption for our customers because their telephone numbers, including their current area code, will not change,” said Carl E. Erhart, Verizon area vice president.  “But it’s important for customers to get into the habit of always dialing the 10-digit number when they make calls within the 570 area code.”

Starting Sept. 21, ten-digit dialing will be required for all telephone calls made in the 570 area code.  If callers forget to dial 10 digits, they will hear a message instructing them to dial both the area code and seven-digit telephone number.

Even with the dialing change, local calls will still remain local calls.  However, customers will need to reprogram any automatic dialing equipment or services that are programmed to dial a seven-digit number.  This includes life safety systems, fax machines, Internet dial-up modems, alarm and security systems, gates, speed dialers, call forwarding settings and voice mail services.

Business customers should check with their telecommunications vendors to ensure their telephone systems are reprogrammed to handle 10-digit dialing and also to ensure that business stationery or advertising materials include the area code.

On Oct. 21, customers who request new service, an additional line or, in some cases, move their service to another address, may be assigned a number in the new area code, depending upon availability of numbers in the 570 area code.  The addition of the 272 area code will not change local calling areas for customers, dialing 911, or telephone rates.

For additional information, visit Verizon’s FAQ regarding the 570 area code overlay.

So How’s the Real Estate Market?

We get asked this question all the time.  For the most part, it’s a pretty straight-forward question and answer……………or is it?

The first question that comes to mind is………………compared to what

If you are comparing it to yesterday, it’s probably about the same.  As the length of time increases, the answer gets a little more convoluted.  It may also vary on whom you may ask.  A seller who has had his home on the market for over a year may have a totally different perspective on this question than a real estate professional, Realtor,  who is actually working in the real estate market on a daily basis.

And what are we comparing?  How many properties are on the market?  The average list price?  The average sales price? The average days on market (time from when it was listed until it sold)?  These all effect the local real estate market.

The first lesson to be learned is that real estate is local.  You can’t pick up your home and move it to Ohio very easily, or down south. When the media is talking about the real estate market in California or Florida, it may or may not be the same as in Pennsylvania, and more importantly, in your community.  This lesson is very important and especially to this question.  Even to say that one county is doing well, may not mean that all communities in that county are doing well.  There are 30 miles between Milton and Shamokin and even though they are in the same county their real estate markets are vastly different. There are many elements to the real estate market and all are equally important.

Buyers are concerned with the local economy and the general beauty of the downtown, the school district, and the general perception of the residents of the area/region.  The last one normally has the most affect on those who are relocating to the community and have no previous knowledge of it.  After they have been around for some time, they will develop their own perceptions of the community/area.

There is no question that interest rates and the national economy influence the local real estate market, but some areas are rather insulated from the effects of those influences.

With all the explanations given above, it is sometimes easier for us as Realtors to compare geographic regions, and one of the best for this area is by school districts.

Here are the most current reports for the Milton Area School District Market StatsWarrior Run School District Market Stats and Lewisburg School District Market Stats.  This is for residential listings only (no commercial, lots, multi-family homes, etc) and is for March 2012.

Congratulations to our Insurance Sales Associate

Danielle RadelLeading local insurance associate Danielle Radel, ACSR of the Coup Agency in Milton and Lewisburg has been named the company’s top producer for the 1st quarter of 2012.


“This award was established to recognize the efforts of the agency’s sales team who perform at the highest level for the previous quarter.  We are proud to acknowledge Danielle’s commitment, teamwork, accountability, positive attitude, overall productivity and ability to effectively handle changes in her areas of expertise,” explained R. Jeffrey Coup, President of the Coup Agency.  “We foster a team effort in our organization and Danielle has shown that spirit of partnership with the other employees and with her customers.”


The Coup Agency has been serving the insurance and real estate needs of the central Susquehanna Valley for over 70 years.  It is a fourth generation business and has seen strong growth throughout its history.  The key to that growth is by simply offering the highest degree of respect and professional service to clients and prospects.  The entire staff of the Coup Agency believes in friendly, professional service and follows management’s lead of service to their customers and to the community.

 For more information visit The Coup Agency’s Insurance Website.

Congratulations to our Real Estate Sales Associate

Brad BaylorERA Coup Agency Real Estate in Milton, would like to recognize and congratulate local Realtor Bradley Baylor, as the company’s lead producer among the Real Estate Sales Agents at ERA Coup Agency for the 1st Quarter of 2012.


 “We appreciate having Brad on our winning team,” said Richard Coup, Broker of ERA Coup Agency.  Knowing the importance of having a knowledgeable Realtor to guide you through the buying or selling process; Brad dedicates himself to treating his clients with the respect and professionalism they deserve.   Richard Coup also explained, “At ERA Coup Agency Real Estate we pride ourselves on being a team oriented agency, and all of our sales associates work together to make it a win-win situation for all involved.”


 For over 70 years Milton and the surrounding area have been provided top quality insurance and real estate service from ERA Coup Agency.  The key to the company’s continuously strong growth is offering the highest degree of respect and professionalism to each individual client and prospect.  With the Coup Agency now being in its fourth generation of doing business the management and staff pride themselves on continuing that friendly and professional service to our customers and our community.

Milton’s NEW Public Library

Library EntranceLibrary FacilitiesMILTON PUBLIC LIBRARY

Opening April 23, 2012


Monday – Thursday

9 am to 6 pm

Friday – Saturday

9 am to 4 pm



The Milton Community is very excited about the new public library that will be opening April 23, 2012. Located at 541 Broadway in Milton, it took two and a half years to witness the evolution of the once residence to a library, the board did an excellent job of marrying the old with the new.  Many of the features of the home were retained while still bring it up to the modern facility that is needed.

Purchased in December, 2008 from the Randall Kramm family the facility has been in a transformation from residence to library since then.  The home has had quite a history and was owned by the Charles Dickerman, a manufacturer of railroad equipment and was known as Rose Hill.


Library GroundsSide View of the Library

Especially at this time of year the grounds are in full beauty between the cherry trees that line the street and entry into the new facility, the flowering shrubs, and the flowers.  The beauty of the entire facility, both inside and out, is breath-taking.

Some of it’s “new” features include a geothermal heating system that required between 26 and 32 wells that had to be drilled.  Since the ground water has a fairly constant temperature in the mid-50’s, it does not require as much energy to either heat or cool the water, depending on the time of year.  The Library is hoping that it will translate into low heating costs.  There is parking for approximately 30 cars at the new facility.

The floors of the library as well as the sidewalks outside are both heated by radiant heat.  There should be little or no sidewalk snow maintenance that needs to be done in the winter!  There is also a modern sprinkler system that is needed for this type facility.

Front DeskDownstairs and upstairs of New Section of LibrarySue Williams, Librarian stated that there are three full-time help and four part-time as well as the many volunteers.  Sue has been with the Milton Public Library since June, 2011.  She says it takes quite an effort to keep tract and maintain the 11,000 plus books that they currently have in circulation.  She does not expect that there will be huge growth in the number of books, but foresees some future growth in their inventory. 

They also have almost 6,000 patrons of the library and she does foresee growth in this number as more patrons begin to use this new facility.  It is amazing to patrons that currently visit the facility on South Front Street in Milton that the library have been able to “pack” that many books into the small facility.  Sue said that they “definitely use every square inch of the place!”.

Computer Room at LibraryChairs by Fireplace at the LibraryAnother new feature of the facility will be the addition of many more computers in the facility.  All told, she estimates that there will be about 30 throughout the library.  There is a computer room, but there will also be some scattered around the various rooms and there will be laptop computers, too.

One of the first things that you may notice during your first visit to the library (other than the huge difference in space and it’s beauty) is that there are little “nooks” all over to just quietly relax with a good book.  They designed the furniture and space to take advantage of the many “nooks” throughout the former residence, including around the beautiful decorative fireplaces, the atrium, and the enclosed side porch.

Meeting Areas at the LibraryMeeting RoomOrganizations throughout the community and area should be happy to know that there are comfortable meeting rooms available for small groups.  Part of the future vision is the renovation of the Carriage House into larger meeting facilities.

The hours of operation are not expected to change at this point.  They are currently Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 6 pm; Friday and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm.

The Grand Opening Event is slated for April 29th from 2 to 4 at the new facility.  Some of the programs that will be available that day will include quilting, extreme couponing, animal balloon art, jewelry making, and a scuba diving workshop.  More programs are in the planning stages for the day.  Come out and visit the new facility and take advantage of these special programs during the Grand Opening event.

The library has partnered with the Central PA Chamber of Commerce on May 5th to have a Night at the Races on the Chamber’s grounds in the Industrial Park.  They are hoping the entire community and surrounding areas will come and support this event to help raise funds for this fine new facility.

Library SideView at library


Again this year, the library will be hosting the Friday Night at the Movies on their new grounds in August.  There will be a featured movie each Friday night during that month and will be shown on a huge outdoor screen.

To find out more about the library and its events, check them out on their website.

Since we sold that the property to the library, we thought we would provide “before and after” pictures as best we could.  As you can see, they did an excellent of retaining the many great features of the home.

Staircase to second floorBEFORE - StaircaseBEFORE - Dining RoomDining Room






Sun Porch with planters at libraryBEFORE - AtriumBEFORE - Second Floor FPSecond floor fireplace at library








Here are some very interesting old post cards that we found of the property.

Post Card of Rose HillPostcard 3

Milton Welcomes Back Slattery’s Olde Village Inn

Olde Village InnAfter several months of re-work and rearranging, Slattery’s Olde Village Inn reopened for business on April 3rd.  The restaurant is located at 17-21 Broadway in Milton.  Manager Dave Clark, who has worked at various national restaurant chains such as Applebee’s, Garfield’s, Perkins and others, says he is excited to have the Milton eatery reopened to the Milton community and surrounding area. The Chef is Donald Mapes who has local ties to the area.

For those who have visited the Olde Village Inn before, there are some new things!

As you enter,  you will realize that the entire entry/bar and seating area has changed.  The bar area has been expanded; there is seating in the bar area and there is a pool table that has been added.  Sit at the bar and enjoy one of the wide variety of beers that are on tap as you look at one of the many flat screen TV’s are all through the bar area.  Bar

Another item that has change is the Olde Village Inn menu!  There are many new items and has the pub fare of hamburgers, wings, appetizers, soups and salads, but also the dinner menu includes a full array of entrees.  

Miltonians may be  interested in trying the “Boiardi burger” or the “Black Panther” burger.  Fresh is the key word at the eatery as all their hamburgers, meatballs and meatloaf are all prepared from fresh meat, not from a food service.  All hamburgers are served on a pretzel roll that has been freshly made at the Olde Village Inn.


Bar Area


Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 2 am, they offer the dining and bar service, but also have catering facilities as well as banquet facilities for approximately 70 people in two different rooms. 


The restaurant and pub are are open now, but staff hope to have an “official” opening the week of April 16th.  There will be some new features that will be rolled out that week, including Wednesdays being all-you-can-eat wing nights and Thursdays will be all-you-can-eat pasta nights.



The Chef  and manager are also “cooking up” their own “menu challenge” that is still being refined, but it will be a sub that contains more great ingredients than can be mentioned here!  It will tip the scale at over 5 pounds AND YES, there will be fries with that!  They are hoping that the “man meal challenge” will be tried by their patrons and be a fun event for those who are so inclined to try and tackle such a digestive event!

They are in the process of updating their website and it should be available in the near future.

For reservations or additional information, their phone number is 570-246-5355.

Main Dining AreaBanquet Room


Olde Village Inn

Open 7 days a week

10 am to 2 am

17-21 Broadway, Milton


Stevie G’s is Milton’s newest Restaurant

Stevie G's RestaurantMilton welcomes its newest restaurant to town – Stevie G’s.  Named for the owner, Steve Gresh, the new eatery provides a full array on their menu.

Located at 200 N. Arch Street in Milton, they provide breakfast, lunch and dinners to the dining public.  Not only do they have eat-in and take-out, but they also provide catering services.  Their phone number is: 570-742-7228.

The owner is happy to be back in the Milton community.  His parents had a restaurant north of town, but lost their lease when the property was sold north of the borough. 

Many of their customers are also glad that they are back and town and have welcomed them back to the community.

Owner Steve Gresh


Their new place has been newly renovated and provides  ample space for diners and for an friendly atmosphere.

Open Tuesday through Saturdays, 6 am to 8 pm, Sundays from 7 am to 2 pm, they serve breakfast until 11:00 each day.  They are closed on Mondays.

Give them a try for your next breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Milton Congratulates Ryan Solomon

Ryan Solomon BillboardWe would like to add our congratulations to Ryan Solomon for recently becoming Milton High School’s 3rd state wrestling champion.  If you are traveling West on Mahoning Street, across from the Hand UP facility and look to your left before you go across the railroad tracks, it’s a little hard to miss the 195 Junior state champion!  The billboard recently appeared announcing his win and congratulating him.

Ryan was no stranger to the state tournament, as he had been there since his freshman year, placing sixth and last year placing second.

He becomes quite an elite wrestler at Milton, as he is only the third state champ.  Bob Crawford and Charlie Heller were the only other two Milton wrestlers to attain this high achievement.

Although this may be one of the most graphic and large displays of achievement, Milton High has so many talented students.  If athletics is your interest, plan on attending Meet the Panthers Night on March 28th at 7:30 pm in the Milton High School Gym.

There are so many other great talents that Milton School Students display.  Milton School District is having it’s annual Art Show March 28th and 29th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Milton High School.  If you are able, please bring along a can of non-perishable food to the show. All donations will be given to a local food bank to benefit families in the Milton area.

If you are interested in keeping up with what is going on with Milton’s School District, we suggest you read their monthly newsletter to stay informed on the many things that are happening!  For many of you, it’s your tax dollars that are being spent — see how they are being spent.  Speaking of tax dollars, follow the Milton Area School District’s Board’s agenda and stay informed as to the budget struggles and how to balance a quality education on a reduced budget.



Welcome to Milton’s Downtown, Custom Care Pharmacy!

Custom Care ExteriorLooking for an alternative to the “assembly line” chain pharmacy? Want a pharmacist who will take a special interest in getting to know you and your pharmacy needs?  Then Adam Rosinski, pharmacist and owner of Custom Care Pharmacy is the right place for you! 

Located at 57 South Front St in Milton, Adam and his staff pride themselves on their Staffpersonal attention to each of their customers and providing them with individual attention.  Not only can they provide the medicines you need, but many times at or below the cost of the much bigger pharmacies!  Adam has worked for those big chain stores in central Pennsylvania and decided that he wanted to put the needs of his customers first, so he opened his own pharmacy!

For customers who may have a hard time driving to the pharmacy, they offer free delivery; and curbside service for customers who have limited time to run their errands.  You can even order refills online!

They may be a small pharmacy, but they can provide excellent service. Custom Care Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans and coverage, and their prices are always competitively priced!

Home Care ProductsBesides medicines, the pharmacy is host to a wide variety of health care, beauty, and over-the counter items and also has a wide range of home care products.

Looking for greeting cards that won’t make you broke?  All their greeting cards are either 99 cents or $1.99.  That’s it — why pay more?

They are willing to answer all your questions, both online or in the store.  They even have a mobile app for those who are using the iPhone!

Their store hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. They are closed on Sundays.  Their phone number is 570-246-5700.  Stop by, give them a call, or ask for a quote on your medicines online.  You will be glad that you took the time!

CardsMerchandiseCustom Care Pharmacy

57 S. Front St., Milton


Monday – Friday

9 am to 6 pm

Saturday – 9 to 2

Sunday – Closed