Useful Information

In light of all the recent summer storms that have effected many with downed power lines and outages at residences and businesses, we thought we would bring you this useful website of PPL Electric.

If you are a customer of PPL Electric, you may not be aware that you can sign up for free alerts that the power is out at your residence.  This is really a nice feature if you are on vacation or away from your home for the day.  It is also great as you get to choose how to be notified (text, email, or phone).  You can also choose up to three different people who can be notified of the “event”.

Here are all the alerts that you can “sign up” for:

  • Outage: Receive updates on the cause of your power outage, repair crew status and estimated restoration times.
  • Price to Compare: Get a heads up when PPL Electric Utilities’ new price per kilowatt-hour for generation and transmission is about to take effect.
  • Bill Alert: Set up your own warning system. Select a dollar amount and when your monthly bill exceeds it, we’ll send you a notification.
  • Abnormal Usage: We’ll let you know if your electricity use is unusually high — specifically 50 percent higher than your 30 day average for three consecutive days.
  • Bill Due Reminder: Set up a reminder – from 1 to 14 days – prior to your bill due date.

To sign up for this program, go to PPL’s website and sign up for the free  alerts.  From experience, it’s handy!

PPL has a very user-friendly site and many useful tools to assist you in analyzing your energy needs and usage.  If you haven’t visited it, you may check it out at