Central PA Flooding

We wanted to re-post our information about flooding that we posted a week or so ago.   Now is the time to prepare or evacuate. 

The National Weather Service is now predicting a crest of 27.4 feet in Milton, but is subject to more rain to our north and west.  The downtown of Milton has been closed to outside traffic, so please do not try to come down Broadway to “view the river”, as businesses are evacuating.  Route 405 is closed (north) and the river bridge is scheduled to close at 1:00 pm.

Stay informed by watching the Weather Channel, local TV or listening to the radio for alerts.

Here are a few hints and reminders:

  1. Move loose objects such as toys, garbage cans, and lawn furniture to the house or garage
  2. If your camper is still open for the summer, secure it and roll up the awnings
  3. Make sure you have a battery operated radio and plenty of batteries.
  4. Get your prescriptions filled
  5. Fill your car with gas (no electricity, no pumps)
  6. Get some extra cash
  7. Keep your cell phone fully charged
  8. Know how to safely shut off electric and gas supply lines in the event of flooding
  9. Have a safe place to park your car and/or store your watercraft
  10. If you need to drive, avoid washed out and wet roads. There could be downed electric lines that are hidden as well as strong currents that could sweep your car away.
  11. Stay informed



  1.  Inspect your property as soon as it is safe to do so. Especially look for leaks and structural damage.
  2. Monitor any boilers that must remain on line.
  3. Know how to safely shut off electric and gas supply lines in the event of flooding
  4. If the power goes off, make sure to turn off electrical switches so that when the power comes back on the surge does not damage your equipment. 


Always do whatever you can to protect your property from further damage.  Do NOT wait for an adjuster to view the property.  Take pictures or save the damaged items, but do what you can to avoid further damage.  Start the clean up and drying out process as soon as possible.

If you have a flood claim, you may contact Selective Insurance directly to report it, 877-348-0552, or we are in the office today and you can call us at 742-8736.  You may also contact Selective in the following way:

www.MySelectiveFlood.com (for customers)
You will need to validate the security key in order to access policy information. If the security key has not been validated, you will need to:

  • Locate the Security Key information on your latest Flood renewal bill
  • Log onto www.MySelectiveFlood.com
  • Click on the First Time Here? button
  • Input the Security Key information

You can also email the claim directly to Selective at: Floodclaims@selective.com

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