It Is Finished – Mural Completed Today!

The Mural Project was completed today.  Here are pictures of the final aspects of the Mural.  A Big Thank-you to Pamela Snyder-Etters for a job WELL done!

The final mural in all its beauty.

Detail of the Upper Left side of the Mural.

Laurel and Hardy in the Upper-Middle part of the Wall.

Shirley Temple in the upper right.

A boy and his dog. Dog is the artists black lab and the "shadow" is her other dog who was there with her every day, Hounslow, a great dane.

Ed and Bob Coup completed.

Crowd" buying tickets. Many are the artist's family and friends.

Artist says she would like to look like this girl, shown with a police officer.

Mary Snyder, a long-time employee of the Capital Theater and an older man.

A family getting ready to go to the movies, but mom wants dad to hurry up - but he's not sure what he is to do with a child hanging on his leg.

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