Thank You Pam!

Pam in front of the mural.

Close up of Pam in front of the completed mural. Almost looks like she painted herself in it!

Pam signs the completed mural.

It Is Finished – Mural Completed Today!

The Mural Project was completed today.  Here are pictures of the final aspects of the Mural.  A Big Thank-you to Pamela Snyder-Etters for a job WELL done!

The final mural in all its beauty.

Detail of the Upper Left side of the Mural.

Laurel and Hardy in the Upper-Middle part of the Wall.

Shirley Temple in the upper right.

A boy and his dog. Dog is the artists black lab and the "shadow" is her other dog who was there with her every day, Hounslow, a great dane.

Ed and Bob Coup completed.

Crowd" buying tickets. Many are the artist's family and friends.

Artist says she would like to look like this girl, shown with a police officer.

Mary Snyder, a long-time employee of the Capital Theater and an older man.

A family getting ready to go to the movies, but mom wants dad to hurry up - but he's not sure what he is to do with a child hanging on his leg.

Final Touches Begin on the Mural Project

Final touches begin on the project.

Pam adds Ed and Bob Coup, who just bought tickets. Ed was the founder of the Agency and Bob was his son, who was also an owner of the business.

A Close up of Ed and Bob Coup with Pam.

Details of the final touches.

Details of the final touches.

Details of the final touches.

Progress – 8/11/2009

No, artist Pam did not paint herself into the picture! She's adding her final touches.

Artist Award

Pam receives the Milton Rotary's Family and Community Service Award award from John Bender during their annual picnic. Hounslow found his way into the picture, too.

Progress – 8/6/2009

Pam's dog, Hounslow in the foreground.

A boy and his dog from the left side of the mural.

Before pic - no details on the patrons.

Pam adding details.

After pic - Close up of details

Theatre Patrons

Details of the patrons are starting to appear.